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134.2 kHz (ISO) microchips are quickly growing in popularity in the United States and used by many large veterinary groups and an increasing number of municipalities across the country. ISO microchips comply with ISO standard 11784 and are the standard in many countries across Europe, Canada and Japan and comply with ISO standard 11784. ISO microchips are recommended if you will be traveling outside of the United States with your pet.

The following microchip scanners read the ISO microchip:

  • AKC Reunite ProScan 700 and QuickScan 650
  • HomeAgain Universal Worldscan
  • Bayer IMAX
  • Green AVID 1034/3 MiniTracker 3

Please contact AKC Reunite if you have additional questions about pet microchips via email: microchip@akcreunite.org or phone: 800-252-7894.


How to Properly Implant a Microchip

Microchips should be administered by or under the direct supervision of a veterinarian and in accordance with any state and local statutes and regulations applicable to microchips and their implantation.  Be sure to take all necessary aseptic precautions before inserting the microchip.  After use, implanter with needle should be disposed of properly in accordance with your local regulations.  Store at room temperature.

These microchip implant instructions will teach you the proper method to microchip a pet.

Step 1:

Scan the animal to find out if it already has a microchip.  If it does, look up the microchip number at www.petmicrochiplookup.org or call AKC Reunite  at 800-252-7894.

Step 2:

Scan the syringe in the package.

Step 3:

Confirm the ID number of the microchip matches the barcode label.

Step 4:

Locate the injection site (for cats and dogs it is between the shoulder blades) and tent the skin.  At the base of the tented skin, hold the syringe with the bevel angle of the needle facing up. Then completely insert the needle subcutaneously at a slight angle and then depress the blue plunger using a steady motion.  Withdraw the needle and then let the skin go.

Step 5:

Check the implantation site to make sure the microchip transponder has been fully inserted and then scan the implantation site to ensure the microchip is working correctly.  Keep pet calm for 24 hours after microchip implantation.

Step 6:

VERY IMPORTANT!  Make sure the microchip is enrolled to the pet owner.  Enroll online or mail the completed paper form to AKC Reunite.

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